Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

Vanakkam, I am Gomathinayagam. I am the proud owner of Paalvannan Pillai Store vegetable shop in Tirunelveli. I heard that Indel Money is providing loans to people like us so I approached them. As per my requirement, they gave me a trader’s loan of Rs. 50,000 on a daily payback of Rs. 500. I have almost paid that loan back with only Rs. 8,000 remaining. Meanwhile, I have taken another loan from Indel Money for 1 lakh to develop my business. I humbly request Indel Money to keep supporting traders like me and provide loans to other traders as well as you have provided me. Thank you so much Indel Money.

Jeminish Vargeesh

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Hi, I am Jeminish. I am running Jemini Studio & Video in Kanyakumari. I like the service of Indel Money very much. I had applied for a trader’s loan in many places but only Indel Money gave me the loan on time. They were very prompt in checking all documents and processed the loan very fast. After that, I have taken 4 trader’s loans from Indel Money, one after the other, whenever I needed money to develop my business. I have introduced two of my customers to Indel Money for trader’s loan and three customers for gold loan. I wish Indel Money the very best.

Mohamed Mubarak

Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

I know about Indel Money since 2017. I have availed trader’s loan from Indel money twice for my home appliances and water purifier trading business. I used to take hand loans on daily collection basis from local vendors but after associating with Indel Money, I am having the same facility but with much cheaper interest rate. Moreover, I used to face problems with delays in locally sourced loans. With Indel money I never faced such issues as Indel Money was very fast in processing and gave me the applied amount on the agreed date. This helped me in my purchases for trading. I had applied for loans in other places as well but in my experience, no one could match the promptness Indel Money offered in processing and approving my loan application. Customer service in Indel Money is really good. Indel Money representatives are very friendly and hospitable. Unlike other places, they understand our issues and do the needful. My second trader’s loan was at the end of 2017 and I had requested Indel Money for the loan on a very urgent basis as I wanted to purchase goods for the new year sale. Since Indel money moved the loan very fast, I could make good profits during the new year season sale. I have referred Indel Money to all my trading friends. I wish to thank Indel Money for helping me at the time of my need.

Sivan S

Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

Hello, my name is Sivan. I have taken trader’s loan from Indel Money thrice. Your service is good. I really liked it. I am planning to take another loan soon. I have also referred Indel Money to many people. Indel money has great reach and is the best financial service provider in Melappalayam. Thank you.


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