Different Shades of Indel

Indel Corporation Private Limited, headquartered in Mumbai, is a dynamic and exceptional holding business venture that focuses on financial investment in various sectors and providing different financial solutions to customers in multiple states in India. Apart from financial services, Indel Money has extended the service sector into Automobile, Hospitality, Infrastructure Development, Media and Communication and Entertainment. Indel is ever-growing since the inception and today is a leading brand name in the financial service sector.


Our automotive wing, Indel Automotive Private Limited, is one of the leading automotive dealership conglomerates in India. We have associated with various manufacturers and have showrooms and services centers in various cities across the country. We offer cutting edge service to our staff with a team of dedicated staff and technical support team. Well-trained and dedicated staff delivering top-class service to customers is the hallmark of Indel Automotive Private Limited. The automotive group constitutes KERALA VOLVO, KAIRALI FORD, INDEL YAMAHA, INDEL HONDA and INDEL SUZUKI, providing sales and services of world-renowned automotive brands.

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Indel Money provides various insurance services through our broking segment TransIndia Insurance Broking and Risk Management Private Limited. We offer insurance, pension funding services, risk management and optimizing solutions etc. with the highest service standards.

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M-Star Hotels Private Limited is the hospitality division of Indel Corporation. We offer world-class experience to our guests at our start hotels. Our hotel facilities include:

  • Krish
  • Distrikt-9
  • Hotel Maxx Inn
  • Maxx Cochin Heritage
  • Hotel Srivatsa Regency
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Indel Money is committed to take part in the development of our country through our infrastructure development wing. We focus on the construction of tunnels, crossings, waterways, roadways, and development of ecologically fragile areas through platforms INDEL INFRA

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Media & Entertainment

Entertainment is inevitable in the modern lifestyle. To match with the requirement of media and entertainment we provide services on music, video, films/animations, broadcasting, motion picture projection services, television transmission services, media and games through our media and entertainment wings M STAR SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS and MINDSTORY CREATIVE MEDIA

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