History Of Indel Money

Indel Journey

Indel Money is was founded by Mr.Palliyil Janardhanan Nair (1929- 2011), known as Peejay was one of the pilots in the first batch of then Bharat Airways which later became “The Indian Airlines”. After serving in the popular Tata Tea, Pee Jay moved into the Middle Eastern country, Kuwait in the early 70s where he joined Al Mulla Group as it’s commercial director. He played an integral key role for the growth of the “Al Mulla group” as one of the leading brands across the middle eastern countries.
In the mid 80’s Pee Jay returned to India to start his entrepreneurial journey and established his financial services securing a license under the Kerala Money Lenders Act. His initial service location was Palakkad, a town in Kerala. Henceforth, the organization strived to achieve greater milestones and started its growth as a leading financial service provider in India. With a customer-centric approach to business, the group diversified into Automobile, Hospitality, Infrastructure Development, Media, Communication and Entertainment.

Today with multiple business faces and with a team of highly qualified professionals we continue to grow our business, serving millions of people across the region.


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