Indel Values

Indel Values

Performing in order to surpass excellence

We at Indel Money believe that achieving excellence is just a milestone in the journey to destiny. We trust in striving for more than excellence in each and every endeavor we undertake.

Building trust and transparency

Indel Money has always operated with a focus on business ethics and we strongly believe that TRUST and TRANSPARENCY are the most important ingredients in any business relationship and the same is inculcated in all our operational process at every step.

'Customer' is regarded as Our King and 'Service', Our Queen

At Indel Money, our customer is the pivot around which all our processes are built as we believe that the customer is the most important stakeholder of our business. We follow the golden principle- Customer First and think through by putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes. We constantly rethink and innovate products, services, and capabilities focusing on customer delight.

Becoming a Preferred Employer

We are committed to become the most preferred employer in the Industry by providing an employee-friendly culture in our organizations and making sure that each individual feels comfortable in the workplace. We create a working environment that is compelling to the best staff and encourage them to perform better with ample career growth. We know success comes from encouraging people to think differently. Our culture promotes innovation and entrepreneurial drive with strong management backing.

Committed to the betterment of society

Our responsibility towards society and human community is our primary interest. Our principle is First Humanity, then business. Every staff at Indel Money understands this principle and are always bound towards our customers, patrons, employees, regulatory authorities, finance industry, and the nation, to do business with good moral and business ethics.

Our Approach Proposition


We follow an approach that is focused on innovation, sustainability and growth. We always strive to more and more efficient, customer-focused and matching to the need of time. Emerging opportunities are constantly monitored and acquired throughout the journey and we continue the same mission.

Clinical Execution

Our dedicated team of professionals constantly observe the market and make decisions best of our business principles. Clear plans, judgments and execution styles help us to be error-free, focused, motivated and leaders in the service sectors.

Professional Integrity

Our values are our driving force. Integrity, transparency trust and reliability are our face marks. We always remain a trusted partner to the folks to remain favored, to lead the industry and to serve society better.

Track Record

Over the decades we served the society we aOver the decades we served the society we are proven to be an excellent performer, an expert in all the industries we have imprinted our footsteps and the most favored for our customer-centric business model. We have, so far, converted 1,00,000 families into 1,00,000 happy families.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Indel Money is an exemplary organization with applauded CSR activities. All our CSR activities are powered by our mission of serving society better and making the world a better place to live. It’s an integral part of our business culture.


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